Am I getting a good deal?

One of the age old questions that many people ask when they are buying or leasing a new car. “Am I getting a good deal?”

How do we know? We can go online and get analysis – paralysis with all the information. We can bully the salesman and his manager. We can spend a month going to or emailing every dealership within a 50 mile radius for a 100.00 discount. All of these options with the possibility of negative and or stressful effects on us. And what is your time worth?

A “good deal” is so relative. I am not saying that you should not do your homework, check on pricing, options and the going rate. What I am saying is that there is a value to feeling good about buying a car, being treated well and knowing that you can trust the person your working with. We all get stressed about spending money and making sure that we get a good value.

You can go to websites like:

I am not a huge fan of Kelley blue book. Sometimes inflated and not always accurate. Just my opinion.
If you feel that your not trusting the person/dealership your working with, then do NOT validate the behavior  by leasing or purchasing a car from them. Getting a new car is an experience and one that we should enjoy and get excited about.

Sometimes the consumer will play “the game” with the dealer. This tells them that it is okay to treat you in a certain way.  You may go to a dealer an their price is $5.00 more per month or $200.00 more on the overall  price of the car, but they treat you exceptionally well. Is the service and the experience worth it? Of coarse it is. I guess it depends on if you value yourself and your money!

The other option of going to the dealer that was a few bucks less, but did value you or your money, treated you crappy and insulted your intelligence.If they are acting like that now, imagine when you need service.
I tell people all the time that I do not play “the Game”. If you want to go to every dealer in town and beat them up over price, go ahead. I do not see the value.  I look at the car business and see how we have validated dishonest, negative and greedy behavior for years.

IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! We have the ability to change this.

But it has to start with the consumer. What is your part and what are you willing to do?   So At the end of the day, your GOOD deal is not just about every penny you saved, but how good did it feel to walk out of the dealership with those keys in your hand? Did you say to yourself “I got a good deal”?

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